Revealed: The BIG Lie You’ve Been Told About Making Money Online

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Do you ever dream of making money online, earning massive amounts of income from the comfort of your home, just like all those *gurus* out there who flash the lifestyle images and big paychecks?

But sadly, things never seem to work out for you?

No matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, making money online seems to be impossible. It seems like you are struggling to even earn a single penny from internet, right?

Do you know the reason?

Unfortunately when it comes to making money from the internet, you are mostly told stuff that isn’t just true.

Yes, the reality is that whatever you know about earning money from home is nothing but a BIG LIE.

The Number One Lie About Making Money Online

Making Money Online

The biggest and the number one lie that you have always been told by those internet marketing gurus is that earning money online is hard and that you need a whole lot of resources to get going.

This is not the way it is……..

First, earning money is not hard. It is not even anywhere close to what we can call ‘hard’.

Rather it is simple as hell. I mean if teenagers can run those blogs and niche websites that are earning million dollars for them – it has to be simple.

If home-stay moms can earn monthly paychecks that can simply blow your boss away, it cannot be hard.

If college students can come up with social platforms that will make them billionaires, it just cannot be hard.

So if you have in this your mind that making money online is hard, just get rid of this mindset. Because as Japanese say ‘it is all about the mindset’, so yes it is all about the mindset. If you believe it is hard, you cannot do it.

Just put the word hard out of the equation.

Once you start realizing that it is not hard rather it is easy, you can do it.

It is possible to make $100 a day, $1000 a day and even $100000 a day on the internet. All you need to do is just take that very first step.

The problem with majority of the internet entrepreneurs is that they are afraid of taking risks. After reading so much about the issues and difficulties and challenges of making money online, they just don’t have the faith in internet.

They don’t have the courage to take the steps they need, desperately.

Consequently, they don’t make money.

So the first and the most important thing that you need to do for making money online is to don’t believe whatever you are told because earning money online is easy.

By easy, we don’t mean that it is a piece of cake but the thing is you don’t need to have experience, any sort of extraordinary skill, you don’t need a lot of capital and you can always start low.

What You Need To Do To Succeed Online

So what actually is that you need to succeed online? What are the factors that differentiate a successful from unsuccessful internet entrepreneur?

  • You need to get rid of the fear. It is your fear that doesn’t let you take the steps that you should take.
  • Take the risk and accept challenge.
  • You must have the passion to work online. It is not just for the sake of money instead those who have their huge businesses online, they started out for their passion.
  • You have to be consistent.
  • Learning and adaptive attitude. It is a fact that you cannot go ahead without having industry-specific knowledge which only comes from learning.

These few factors differentiate successful from unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

You see, apparently everything that you know about setting up an internet business was a lie. It is not hard neither something very hard. It doesn’t need a lot of resources. You can always start from a very small rather tiny scale and then later can scale it up. You don’t have to have a college degree. You shouldn’t be an internet guru or a geek to be successful.

You just have to be a normal human being – you have to be YOU.

You just have to be in your own shoes to make money online.


When we talk about making money online from the comfort of your home, the biggest lie that you have been told is that it is all impossible to achieve and you need tons of time to become a millionaire. No, this is not the case if you look around. There are people including teens who become millionaires right from their homes within a few years and at times, under a year. If they can do it, you can do it too.

All that takes to make money online is the right mindset – passion, consistency and being risk averse. There is nothing impossible on the internet especially when it comes to earning money.

Just take the step ahead!

  1. I appreciate all your tips and am waiting anxiously for your newsletter. I am following your footsteps with a lot less money so it may take longer to actually make money, but your inspiring ideas and comments keep me going. Thank you!

  2. Really Well Said Darren. Its all about the mindset.

    What you think becomes reality.

    Whatever the human mind thinks will become the reality. Mind has power to attract anything. So if we focus our mind on success and thinking positive things, it will attract success and if we think that we can’t do it, that will become reality!

    People are afraid of taking risks because they have become comfortable in their comfort zones. And that’s why they afraid to get out of their comfort zones.

    Really nice piece of information.

  3. Thanks for this message. I know that I have allowed fear to rule. I appreciate your perspective. I do believe that it is critical that we don’t use our self talk to defeat ourselves.

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