How to Avoid Business Burnout In Your First 12 Months Online

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It is common for people experience business burnout in the first 12 months of being online with their own home based business. When you start a new business, initially you are very excited.

For the first few months, you have all the passion and courage to face every hurdle and challenge.

But eventually, that business burnout sets in.

Burning out in your first 12 months of business is something that’s very common. It has been seen that small business owners burn out even if they are running their business successfully. Once you business burnout sets in, success turns into failure.

This is because burn out has multiple negative impacts on your body and mind – you cannot focus on your business the way you used to do.

To avoid failure and to avoid burning out in your first 12 months of business, you need to stick to following 4 proven ways. These 4 methods have helped several entrepreneurs in overcoming burn out – it is now your turn.

How to Avoid Business Burnout In Your First 12 Months of Business

Constant Gradual Growth

Constant Gradual Growth

You cannot grow your business overnight. You cannot scale it up in a few weeks. You cannot increase operating capacity of your business by, say 30%, in a few days.

Business growth is a rather gradual and constant process.

One of the basic reasons for entrepreneur burn out is when they try to grow their business overnight to meet deadlines and to fulfill certain client orders. For instance, you are running a manufacturing company and one day, you receive a huge order – which you have been dreaming of for months. In order to fulfill the order, you have to increase the capacity of your manufacturing plant to 90% (assume) but you realize that currently your business is operating at a capacity of 50%.

The moment you try to increase the operating capacity of your business from 50% to 90% in a few days or maybe a week, you burnout.

Here is the solution.

Try to maintain a certain growth rate of your business – irrespective of your industry. Experts say that your business should operate at 70% of its capacity at any given time. This will never let you burn out because you can make adjustments to growth easily – thus meeting deadlines and fulfilling huge orders with shortest TAT is not an issue.

Fear of Unknown

Fear of Unknown

Fear of unknown or fear of uncertainty is common in all human beings including entrepreneurs. By nature, human beings have fear of unknown and this fear is your biggest enemy.

How fear of unknown leads to burnout in business?

Entrepreneurs who cannot resist their fear delay taking actions. They try not to take those critical actions that play a significant role in their business. Risk stops them from taking decisions even those that are in favor of their business.

If you are one such entrepreneur – you will burnout pretty soon.

When you don’t take decisions on time. When you don’t take the actions that your business need. Stress keeps on increasing and there comes a moment when you burn out badly.

Then there is no turning back.

What you should do is get rid of your fear. No matter how huge the decision is and no matter how much risky it is, you have to take the step ahead. Risk and uncertainty are the two best friends of an entrepreneur – if dealt on-time.

When you will take important decisions on time, you will not only save yourself from burnout but at the same time, you will get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Face the Challenges

Face Challenges

Being an owner of a business, you face numerous challenges. When you don’t face and respond to challenges and setbacks, you eventually burnout.

This is pretty much different from fear of unknown. Here we are talking about facing day-to-day challenges that every business face. Facing and dealing with such challenges has nothing to do with the fear of unknown rather the only reason why you don’t face them is that you perceive these challenges so huge that they seem to be failures.

A challenge is not a failure.

Challenges are tiny setbacks that lead to information, learning and better understanding.

The problem arises when you don’t face these challenges. They accumulate. You start considering them as failures and huge hurdles. Eventually you find your business in heaps of challenges and this is where you start to burn out.

The solution is very simple. A business is not easy to manage. You will face challenges every single day. Just face them.

Give Time to Yourself

Give Time to Yourself

The last thing that you need to do to avoid burning out in your first 12 months of business is simple as hell. Give yourself time.

The idea is to keep your personal life separate from work life.

Being an owner, you have to work hard but over-work has no association to success in fact it leads to failure.

When you spend 7 days of the week in your office. You sleep there. You eat there. You are sure to burnout.

You need to spend time with your family and friends. Don’t miss parties. Maintain a work-family balance because it will help you avoid burnout.


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