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I recently had the honor of being entered into the “Million Dollar Club” as our affiliate spot cleared $1,000,000 in Commissions Earned. This is a great honor, and as of this date only one other marketer has crossed One Million Dollars in commissions.

The presentation by Matt Lloyd, founder of MOBE, was done on September 27th at the amazing Atlantis Resort & Casino in Nassau Bahamas.


What many people do not know, is that our affiliate spot cleared the $1M Dollar commission mark within our fourth month of promoting the business. In December 2013 we started talking with Matt Lloyd about promoting his business MOBE.

We’ve promoted companies in the past and laser focus on them to blow them up big time. So before jumping in my partners and I did some serious due diligence and background checks on Matt and his company. It didn’t take long to figure out that the integrity, beliefs and work ethics of Matt Lloyd are extremely high. The company MOBE is truly a world-class Business Education powerhouse.

We jumped in with both feet and got fully positioned at the highest possible level in MOBE, without hesitation.

Since my skill set is primarily around dialing in front end sales funnels, automating processes and optimizing conversions…on January 24th 2014 we lit up the engine. Sales started coming in as predicted and within 4-months we had blown past the $1 Million Dollar commission mark.

MOBE Million Dollar RingIn September at the Titanium Mastermind we were honored with the Million Dollar Club Ring presentation! During the event, Matt announced our earnings to date which were $1,808,395 commissions earned (not gross sales).


One thing I can say about live event masterminds, is that they really rev up the engine and get the creative juices flowing. I met lots of industry giants (some old friends and some new friends), I also met many up and coming super-stars who have an amazing fire burning in their eyes – I can’t wait to see these new rock stars get out there and crush it online!

Darren Salkeld collecting the hardware

So here it is, October 16, 2014 when I write this post and Matt has officially announced that our earnings have surpassed $2,000,000 in commissions earned (for those doing the math, that’s an additional $200,000 earned in less than 3-weeks since the event)!

I have been part of amazing systems and backend products in the past, but in all my time online I have to say that MOBE takes the cake. It pretty much sells itself. People often ask me: “What do you do to generate such mind-blowing numbers?”

My answer is simple… “It comes down to using a properly configured front end S.Y.S.T.E.M. –  when the back end is solid like MOBE, your only focus is on providing content and value on the front end then pointing people through the system process.”

This industry has given me so much to be grateful for over the years, so I want to give back. Those who subscribe to my list will see me share exactly whats working, when its working, how its working and why its working. It’s not hard, instead its actually fun when you know you will get highly predictable results. The only thing is it does take effort.

If anyone EVER thinks they can grow a 5-6 figure per month income from doing nothing they are just fooling themselves!

With all that being said, I’ll do some more updates soon and push out massive value to help clear the path to your success.

To your success,

Darren Salkeld


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