Entrepreneur Bill Gates Reveals 10 Lessons Everyone Should Follow

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One of the best ways to become a successful in business is to learn lessons from those who are already successful. To become a top level entrepreneur, you should follow the footprints of those who are extremely successful like Microsoft Entrepreneur Bill Gates.

No doubt, there is one and only one Bill Gates and he has set the bar pretty much high.

For starters, the basic and the simple rule is to learn lessons from Bill Gates. There is so much to learn from this man’s life that you have no idea about, here are…

10 Lessons from Entrepreneur Bill Gates to Accelerate Your Own Business Success

Let’s get straight to the top 10 lessons from the life of this great man so that you can follow the footprints.

1. Know Yourself

Know YourselfWhen Bill was 13, his school purchased a computer. It was 1968 and computers were rare, expensive and not found at all in schools.

Bill, who was then a student of 8th grade, with other students spent hours on the computer trying to learn it and trying to learn programing.

This was Bill’s passion that drove him. He knew that he has passion for computers and this is what led him to later launch Microsoft.

2. Be Passionate

Bills gates spent more time on the computer than anyone else and this is just because he love computers. He was passionate about them since the day he saw first computer in his school.

You must have focus and passion to take yourself to the next best level.

3. Create Opportunities

OpportunityFor an entrepreneur, it is absolutely necessary that he/she creates opportunities instead of waiting for one.

Bill and his then partner Allen called MITS in 1975 and told them that they have created an interpreter for their computers (microcomputers). MITS purchased the interpreter. This is how Bill and his partner created an opportunity for themselves.

4. Quality Control is Must

focus-qualityWhen famous Entrepreneur Bill Gates founded Microsoft, he was the CEO. Despite holding such a high position in the organization, Bill used to write codes and he ensured that he personally review all the codes.

The basic idea was that he wanted to deliver top quality products to his customers.

Imagine he was the CEO of the company and he had a huge team of programmers and engineers working under him but he personally used to review and write codes for software. This shows how important quality control is for an entrepreneur.

5. Consistency

ConsistencyThere are no shortcuts in business neither you should try to create or follow one.

Windows 1.0 and Windows 2.0 were not good. They didn’t perform well in the market. Windows 1.0 was a total failure. But Bill didn’t lose hope and he kept on working to make things better.

Windows 3.0 was a massive success and it turned the tables for Microsoft.

The thing is even if you are unable to get that breakthrough and things aren’t working. Don’t lose hope. Things don’t change overnight. Show consistency. Keep working and you will have your time.

6. Be Practical With Your Ideas

practicalIn 1980’s, Bill Gates with his partner kept on telling people in different seminars and gatherings that graphic user interface is the future of computers. This was the time when Microsoft was actually working on operating system Windows 1.0. So they were just spreading the word.

But nobody believed them.

Later when they launched Windows 1.0 and Apple launched Macintosh, people then realized that having a graphic interface was not a dream rather reality. A lot of companies jumped in the industry and started creating software.

If you have an idea, instead of sharing it with people, get to work and show them. You don’t have to tell everyone that you can do this rather do it and then they will realize that yes you can do it.

7. Bill Gates Marketing Philosophy

solutionsAccording to Bill, people don’t buy products they buy a solution to their problem. So you don’t have to have a nice and professional logo and slogan but you should solve a problem.

Marketing gets easy when you tell people a problem and its solution.

8. Take Your Team On Board

vision-seedThere are hardly any entrepreneurs that work without a team. Entrepreneur Bill Gates always shared his thoughts and vision with his team at Microsoft.

In 1995, Bill wrote a memo and told his team about the future. He told them that the company’s future was internet. He then invited them for their input.

This is how great entrepreneurs share their vision, ideas and thoughts with their team and are always ready for suggestions.


9. Unhappy Customers Are Your Asset

Entrepreneur Bill GatesYes, your unhappy customers are your asset because there is no other better source of learning.

Microsoft has always valued its customer’s feedback and has responded to it in time. If you have unhappy customers, learn from them and value them.


10. Success Is Not Your Friend

Entrepreneur Bill GatesBill Gates said that:

“Success is a lousy teacher”

When you start looking at your success factors and try to scale them up, you make a serious mistake of learning from wrong source. If something worked for you in the past, it doesn’t mean you should stick to it.


These were some of the many golden lessons from Bill Gates. You can learn from his career and personal life a lot about entrepreneurship.


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