6 Simple Steps to Triple Your Profits with an Online Sales Funnel

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Despite having exceptionally great online sales funnel in place, if your conversion rate and sales are low, you need to rethink and redefine your sales funnel.

If you develop and design a proper sales funnel, you can see as high as 450% increase in leads.

Now this is a really massive increase but the underpinning question is how you can do it?

How to Triple Your Profits from Online Sales Funnel

There are 6 steps that are very easy-to-follow and even easier to implement that will triple your profits. You don’t need a new sales funnel instead you will see huge profit from the same sales funnel – of course you need to tweak it a bit.

Step #1: Attract Customers

The first step is fairly simple, you have to attract customers. Seems easy, right?

No, it is not easy at all.

In fact it is the hardest part.

If you are taking this part as an easy one, you are out of the game. Period.

We are talking about attracting customers not audience. I expect the difference is pretty much clear. You need to ensure that your online sales funnel attracts customers and only customers – that is those who enter from one side of the funnel and reach the other end.

They should purchase from you and must stick to you (more on this coming soon).

To attract customers, here is what you should do:

  • Define your audience
  • Define the problem of the audience
  • Does you or your business offer them the solution?
  • Have a look at what your competitors are doing
  • Read their sales funnels
  • How you can do better than your competitors
  • What is your competitive advantage

You need to consider each and every, even the tiniest, part of the market and your audience and competitors to convert audience into customer.

Step #2: Call to Action (CTR)

Don’t leave your funnel without a call to action. It’s a disaster – not a blunder.

When visitors land on your landing page, what next they have to do? What action they need to take to go to the next phase of funnel?

Be clear and specific. Tell them what they want to do, which normally is an email sign up.

Here is a quick tip. In order to make CTRs better, give them an emotional touch. Create an emotional appeal. Once you do this, see the magic.

Step #3: Decrease Customer Disconnects

One of the major issues with sales funnel is that they keep on losing customers (or prospects) at every stage of the funnel. But a customer disconnect is something different.

When a customer who has entered your sales funnel clicks on a link with something in mind but gets something totally different. That’s when they don’t get what they are expecting.

For instance, you promised them to enter their email address to discover 11 super amazing ways to lose 4.2 pounds in next week. Once they enter their email address, they get to a page where they don’t find ways to lose 4.2 pounds.

This is a customer disconnect.

To earn massive profits from your online sales funnel, make sure you deliver what you promised. There is zero tolerance for dishonesty and disconnects.

Step #4: Funnel Copy

This is the most critical part. We are talking about the entire funnel copy – not just a particular page.

Before you get to writing, you first need to design funnel.

Once you get to the writing phase, make sure you come up with a killer copy for every phase of the sales funnel. Each phase has its own features and at every phase your prospects expect something from your end starting from acquiring to action to retaining to sales to repeat sales and so on.

Copy must be professional, concise and must have emotional appeal.

Step #5: Selling

Towards the end of the sales funnel, you get to marketing and selling.

Unfortunately this is the phase where a lot of prospects leave the funnel and that’s because they are not expecting to buy something.

If you have created a perfect sales funnel and have been honest with your prospects, they will happily buy from you.

Once they purchase once, you can the re-sell, up-sell, cross-sell and so on.

Step #6: Retention

Retaining customers is not easy because once you have sold them multiple times, if you don’t interact to them and if you do not build a relationship with them, they will leave – no matter how much they liked you and your products.

You should retain them.

And the simplest rule to retain your customers is by not selling them too often – rather delivering them value.

Deliver them value and they will deliver loyalty.


These six steps can change the way you do marketing. I know implementing these steps into your existing online sales funnel would be hard but the outcome is just more than you can think of.

Who hates having three times more profit by just tweaking their online sales funnel?

  1. Hello Darren. Thanks for sharing these steps, it is all too easy to focus on the design of a technically brilliant funnel but forget about the experience those travelling through it are going to have. With your 6 steps we can keep both the designers and the coders in check to ensure the team maximizes the buying experience.

  2. Good Day Darren! Thanks for your input and sharing your time and knowledge. I need to make sure to follow your lead.

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